Good creatives are good gif selectors. Great creatives are good gif makers.

My name is Xavi Ocaña. I'm an Art Director and a work addict.*

If you want to know more about my addiction you can email me,

check my resume, or stalk me on social media.

*According to the One Show Young Ones, I'm the world's no. 8 creative. According to Spotify, I'm Britney's no. 1 fan.


Saatchi & Saatchi NY - Art Director

AKQA Tokyo - Art Director

McCann Madrid - Art Director

MAM Originals - Media Content Creator

lamono Magazine - Digital Editor In Chief



D&Ad / Future Impact Award  - 'Penguin: Naked Books'

The One Club Young Ones / Gold - 'Vans: Off the Road'

The One Club Young Ones / Gold - 'The North Face: Wherever. Together'

Clio Sport / Silver - 'Vans: Off the Road'

Clio Sport / Bronze - 'The North Face: Wherever. Together'

ADC / Merit - 'Wellnex by Durex'

Mexican Creative Circle / Shortlist - 'Huawei: 8 Second Film Festival'

Mexican Creative Circle / Shortlist - 'The Sounds of Domestic Violence'

Diente, Argentinian Creative Circle / Merit - 'Vans: Off the Road'

Golden Award of Montreux / Shortlist - 'The North Face: Wherever Together'

Ad Stars / Shortlist (Integrated Gender Equality) - 'Too Sexy for UK'

Ad Stars / Shortlist (PSA Gender Equality) - 'Too Sexy for UK'


It Hurts Us All / Gold - 'The Sounds of Domestic Violence'

Atresmedia / Zero Tolerance Award - 'The Sounds of Domestic Violence'

El Sol Festival / Shortlist - '8 Seconds Film Festival'

Mexican Creative Circle / Shortlist (mobile) - 'BBVA, League of Fanatics'

Mexican Creative Circle / Shortlist (digital, social & technology) - 'BBVA, League of Fanatics'

Mexican Creative Circle / Shortlist - 'Reimagine by Google'

AMPARO / Silver - 'The Coolest Song'


Effie's / Silver - 'Every Step Matters'

El Ojo Festival / Bronze - 'League of Latin Creatives'

El Ojo Festival / Shortlist - 'LS Market'

AMAPRO / Gold - 'BBVA, League of Fanatics'

Caracol de Plata / Shortlist - 'The Epicenter of Corruption'

Caracol de Plata / Shortlist - 'Construption'